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We Make Fundraising EASY!

How does it work?

Tan Elegance fundraising campaigns are easy for high school students and PTA organizations.  Prom is an exciting time for high school students to dress up and look their best for one of the most memorable and fun events during their time in high school.   Most students will get a spray tan before prom and we offer great deals so looking great won’t break the bank.  

We will set up a campaign page for your school or project. We will print posters to hang in the halls.  We will create a campaign code than can be used when a purchase is made at Tan Elegance during your campaign.   We will promote your campaign on our website and social media.

No Limits

Anyone who makes a purchase at Tan Elegance using your campaign code contributes to your earnings so share and promote your campaign with friends and family.  This allows your students or parent volunteers to take an extremely active role in raising funds.  It’s the perfect time to leverage everyone’s social media network to inform the community as a whole.

How do I start a fundraising campaign?

Call the salon (919) 400-6366 or complete the form below and we will get you started right away.  

Active Campaigns

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